Teacher Kim Sparks with Zebulon DeBaker (Photo by Ryan Lewis)

Tiger Tales 2017, Fereshman Breakout

Here is an excerpt of Freshman Breakout winner Zebulon DeBakers "Acceptance of Separation":

It seemed to have never ended. I was confused, but terrified. The cruel shouts seemed to ram their way through the hallways. Yet I just sat there, listening. I knew the parent’s argument would be over eventually. There were lots of times like this throughout my years of seven and eight, around the time when my parents were getting a divorce. Before the separation I was happy. My mother didn’t live with us anymore, but I still got to see her on the weekends. I didn’t very much worry about the future and what it would hold. My father and I moved to a small house a little ways out of the town of Hillsdale, while my mother lived in an apartment complex  where she would get frequent visits from my brother, Austin and my sister, Brittney. But then there was the day when we left for good. The day that I realized what must happen, and that I needed to accept not seeing my mother as often as I used to.

I wake up feeling chained to my bed. The morning sun gleamed through my bedroom window causing me to cover my eyes. The scent of breakfast filled my nostrils. Realizing it was Saturday I got up and prepare myself for the day ahead. This weekend I would not be going to my mother's house until Sunday. So I ate breakfast, changed my clothes, and got into the car because my father and I were going into town to get some groceries. As I sat there staring out the car window seeing unique buildings passing by I asked my father, “Will mom ever come live with us again?”

“I don’t think that's going to be a possibility, Zeb,” he responded. So I kept quiet the rest of the way.


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