Tiger Tales 2017, Editorial, 1st place

Here is an excerpt of Editorial winner junior Amanda Snyder's "The Need for Renewable Energy":

So many books and movies portray a dystopian world wracked with drought, poverty, sickness, and war. The good thing is, the movie can be turned off, and the book can be closed. The audience can then move on to their normal lives, grateful that they don’t live in such horrific circumstances. The bad thing is, this will not be able to be true for long. What too many people don’t know - or wish to deny - is that the earth is dying, and humans are to blame. What happens when the planet that inhabits over 8 million species becomes uninhabitable (Giller)?

Mankind has the opportunity to slow down or even stop the continuous damage to the environment by increasing its use of renewable energy. Coal and oil can be largely replaced by solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.

The power of the sun has been used in many ways throughout the ages. Today, it can be used to power homes, cars, public buildings, and even spacecraft. This is done with solar panels, which contain photovoltaic cells that use photons to generate electricity (Dhar). This process creates zero greenhouse gas emissions, and produces more than enough energy for the average household or vehicle. Solar power has also become more affordable over the years. In fact, researchers at MIT have stated that “The cost of solar power is beginning to reach price parity with cheaper fossil-fuel based electricity in many parts of the world, yet the clean energy source still accounts for just slightly more than 1 percent of the world’s electricity mix” (Office). Society is not taking full advantage of this cheap, clean source of energy. If solar power was marketed in the same fashion as fossil fuels, society could head into a greener future.


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