Basement Beat: Ransom library millage

Precinct vote tallies
Ryan Lewis, Editor (Allegan County News)

Up next: the Ransom District Library millage. By a 1,174-746 vote, voters supported increasing the library’s operating millage by 0.6 mill for 10 years.

I mentioned this yesterday, but, just in case: For the benefit of Union Enterprise readers unaccustomed to my occasional online column for The Allegan County News, I’m Ryan Lewis. I’ve been posting a series of online columns detailing precinct-level tallies from the Aug. 5 primary for about the last week or so, starting with this one.

Since this millage proposal directly relates to those living in Plainwell and Otsego, I’m sharing it with Union Enterprise readers as well. Click on the Allegan News link on the home page to find more—so far, I’ve posted the precinct data on the District 6 county commission race, voter turnout, both county ballot proposals, the State House race and the U.S. House race.

Anyway, as far as the library’s proposal goes: The library has had a permanent 1-mill levy in place since 1991.

The boost to 1.6 mills means the library will have an estimated $268,615 in additional revenue starting next year; 1 mill had brought in $345,009 last year, making up 76.7 percent of the library’s budget. The rest includes penal fines, state aid and other miscellaneous sources.

Library director Katie Bell Moore said prior to the election the increased millage would enable the library to restore its annual operating budget to approximately $500,000 (a level reached in 2007) and put aside the rest to address future building needs.

The data below is from the certified election results held by the Allegan County Clerk’s office. The list below shows the name of the precinct followed by a yes-vote total and a no-vote total.

By precinct:

Gunplain Township, Precinct 1:  361  /  206

Gunplain Township, Precinct 2:  146  /  158

Cooper Township, Precinct 1:  108  /  63

Cooper Township, Precinct 2:  67  /  32

Cooper Township, Precinct 3:  7  /  10

Cooper Township, Precinct 4:  166  /  143

Cooper Township, Precinct 5:  27  /  17

Plainwell City, Precinct 1:  292  /  117


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