Hopkins community weighs in on superintendent search

Kayla Deneau, Staff Writer



Hopkins Public Schools continued its superintendent search with community forums on Tuesday, April 1.

The forums were held simultaneously at Hopkins High School and Sycamore Elementary School.

Only three attended the high school’s forum.

Community members and parents were given the opportunity to describe the qualities they thought were most important for a new superintendent.

Former school board member Bill Bregg said he was concerned the battle between the teaching staff and administration at the end of last year will translate as a hostile community to potential applicants.

“We’re in survival mode,” he said. “We need the right person with the right vision (to ease tensions).”

Bregg also noted if there was “real discontent” in the community, he would expect to see a bigger turnout at this forum and more online surveys being filled out.

As of the forum, approximately 45 surveys had been completed, according to Carl Hartman, who is conducting the search.

Bregg said he hopes the board will find someone who will embrace the community’s culture, is charismatic and is a great leader.

“Even though we have our problems, this is still a great district and a great community,” he said. “It will be a great job for whoever gets it.”

For more information and the opinions of others who attended the meeting, look in the April 17 issue of The Allegan County News.


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