Dorr board member's ethics questioned after email

Virginia Ransbottom, Staff Writer

The ethical conduct of Dorr Township Board member Patty Senneker came under fire at the Monday, Aug. 25, board meeting while Senneker herself was absent.

An email sent from Senneker to supervisor Jeff Miling and copied to all board members the day after the August primary election was placed on the agenda for discussion.

Senneker ran for township supervisor in the election, but conceded the race on Aug. 6 in the email to supervisor Jeff  Miling who won the race with 561 votes. Senneker received 198 votes and trustee John Tuinstra received 327 votes.

It read, “Jeff—I am glad you won, now I don’t have to argue with you anymore! My thoughts and values won’t change, I will still be the conservative person I am and still vote no on spending money, BUT the good thing is, I will make 5 times as much as you will by selling 4-5 houses, so if its (sic) all about money, I got you beat hands down, Sorry about that, but I will do it … Congratulations, Your troubles are bout (sic) to begin!”

Board member Josh Otto said he wanted to discuss the email because he was embarrassed by it and it bothered him.

Miling said he did not want the email on the agenda.

“That’s just how Patty talks to me,” he said.

Otto said he was tired of that reaction.

“What trouble is going to begin? I see that as a threat,” Otto said. “I’m tired of her disrespect of the township board, the library board and the fire department.

“This disrespect needs to stop.”

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