The current location of the post office box is shown here.

Allegan post office box will be moved to new, safer location

Kayla Deneau, Staff Writer

As an early Christmas gift to the City of Allegan, mayor pro tem Nancy Ingalsbee announced the post office box will be moved at the Monday, Dec. 22, city council meeting.

The box is currently in front of the post office on Trowbridge Street. It had been on the opposite side of the street, where drivers—when the street was one-way—could pull alongside it to drop off mail.

The post office now plans to move it to the city parking lot across from the post office’s loading bays, an area the city suggested to the Allegan postmaster when making that block of Trowbridge a two-way street.

Ingalsbee said the city has received several complaints from residents who believed the city was responsible for the decision.

“I had a lot of feedback from people in Allegan over the misplaced post office box,” she said.

In the box’s current location, vehicles pulling up on the street park in an area that is not a parking spot, get out of their car to walk around and often leave the door open.

“All you need is a car turning at the intersection and running into a door or a person,” said Ingalsbee.

When she learned the city wasn’t getting anywhere by taking their complaints to the postmaster, she decided to contact Rep. Fred Upton.

“This would never have happened without the immediate assistance I got from Congressman Upton’s office,” she said.

The office put her in contact with the post office operations manager for the Kalamazoo area, which includes Allegan.

 Ingalsbee received word of the approved move from the operation manager on Monday.

The city is working to get the box moved as soon as possible. The box with the “snorkel”—allowing it to be accessible from the vehicle—will be moved to the parking lot.

 A new box without a snorkel—only accessible from the sidewalk—will be placed in front of the post office.

Before the move can take place, cement needs to be poured in the parking lot.

“We are trying to coordinate (the cement) between the post office and (the city’s) Department of Public Works,” Ingalsbee said. “It depends on the weather in the next couple of days.”


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