Republicans again secured all seven seats on the Allegan County Board of Commissioners.

Allegan County 2018 general election official results

Here are the official results of the Nov. 6 general election. The Allegan County Board of Canvassers certified the results Wednesday, Nov. 14.*

Turnout was high for a mid-term election, with 54.7 percent of registered voters turning out to cast ballots countywide; that's 51,274 people out of the 85,040 who registered.

Results are divided up between state, countywide and local municipalities or school districts, arranged alphabetically.

For state-level races that draw on results outside Allegan County, see our summary of "How Allegan County Voted."

*They also certified the results of a recount of the Plainwell City Council race on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Those changes are reflected below.


State level:

District 80 Michigan House of Representatives

Mark Ludwig, Democrat, 14,275

Mary Whiteford, Republican, incumbent, 25,000


Allegan County:

Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney

partial term (expires Dec. 31, 2020)

Myrene Kay Koch, Republican, incumbent, 37,299


48th Circuit Court

nonpartisan partial term (expires Dec. 31, 2020)

Roberts Kengis, incumbent, 35,399


57th District Court

nonpartisan six-year term

William Baillargeon, incumbent, 33,892


Probate Court

nonpartisan six-year term

Michael Buck, incumbent, 36,559


Allegan County Board of Commissioners

two-year terms

District 1

Christi Allen, Democrat, 3,746

Dean Kapenga, Republican, incumbent, 4,578


District 2

Jim Storey, Republican, incumbent, 5,085

Kenneth Whitcomb, Democrat, 2,036


District 3

Kathryn Bamberg, Democrat, 2,135

Max Thiele, Republican, incumbent, 3,986


District 4

D. Mark DeYoung, incumbent, Republican, 5,107

Mike Salisbury, Democrat, 2,338


District 5

Don Doggendorf, Democrat, 3,095

Tom Jessup, Republican, incumbent, 3,581


District 6

Gale Dugan, Republican, incumbent, 3,859

Benjamin Snape, Democrat, 2,556


District 7

Rick Cain, Republican, 3,693

Rachel Colingsworth, Democrat, 2,610



Allegan District Library

four* nonpartisan four-year terms

Christopher Antkoviak, incumbent, 3,152

Keith Behm, incumbent, 2,732

Susan Buese, incumbent, 3,721

Kevin Huff, incumbent, 2,861

MartyRose McLeod, incumbent, 2,622

*Despite the fact that five incumbents’ terms are expiring at the end of this year, only four terms were up for election due to a filing discrepancy.


Allegan Public Schools

two nonpartisan six-year terms

Nathon Kelley, incumbent, 3,879*

Katherine Lake, incumbent, 4,508*

(*Corrected Dec. 13, 2018; the totals had been swapped between the candidates.)


Cheshire Township

Fire protection millage renewal, 0.6 mill, six years

yes  487  /  no  229


Fire protection and ambulance services millage renewal, 0.6 mill, six years

yes  516  /  no  208


City of the Village of Douglas

four nonpartisan two-year terms

Linda S. Anderson, incumbent, 467

Patricia S. Lion, incumbent, 459

Aaron M. Miller, incumbent, 420

Neal Seabert, incumbent, 418


City of Fennville

Operating millage Headlee override, 15 mills, four years

yes  244  /  no  154


Fennville Public Schools

two nonpartisan six-year terms

(none filed)

two nonpartisan four-year terms

Julio Almanza, 2,222

Ross Thiele, 2,081


Fillmore Township

Treasurer, partial term (expires Nov. 20, 2020)

Leah Folkert, Republican, 1,148


Glenn Public Schools

three nonpartisan four-year terms

Scott Bruursema, incumbent, 165

Rebecca Gunderson, incumbent, 161

(no third person filed)


Hamilton Community Schools

two nonpartisan six-year terms

Loren Joostberns, incumbent, 4,027

Carl Marshall, 1,619

Heath Meyer, 2,340

Craig Van Beek, 2,845

one nonpartisan partial term (expires Dec. 31, 2022)

Ben Randle, incumbent, 5,568


Hopkins School Board

two nonpartisan six-year terms

Karen Ryan, incumbent, 2,985

(no others filed)


Village of Hopkins

Each of the two-year officer positions were re-elected unopposed: president Mary Howard, treasurer Mary Swainston and clerk Mike Alberda.

Trustee: six nonpartisan four-year terms

Brian Ballard, incumbent, 182

Dawn Buist, 132

Gregory Buist, incumbent, 154

Craig Osborn, incumbent, 150

Jonathon Vanderwall, 157

Terry Weick, incumbent, 179

Benjamin Williams, 174


Manlius Township

Supervisor, partial term (expires Nov. 20, 2020)

Lowell A. Winne Jr., Republican, incumbent, 1,159


Martin Public Schools

five nonpartisan four-year terms

Angie Cameruci, 761

Melanie Conley, 1,088

Julie Pallett, 849

Rodney Pillars, 868

Vincent Tuinstra, incumbent, 1,000

John VandenBerg, incumbent, 1,156


Martin Township

Trustee, partial term (expires Dec. 31, 2020)

John Schipper, independent, 887

Fire and emergency services millage, 0.75 mill, four years

yes  733  /  no  324


Village of Martin

Each of the incumbent officers were re-elected unopposed for their two-year terms: president Gary Brinkhuis, treasurer Alice Kelsey and clerk Darcy Doezema.

Trustees: two nonpartisan four-year terms

Jason Dykstra, 91

Donald Flower, incumbent, 76

William Mohr, 49


City of Otsego

Brent Milhiem, 543*

Lauri A. Krueger, 658*

Robert J. Schurman, 357

Jayson Ennis, 504

Stacey Withee, incumbent, 718*

*If those results stand, Withee and Krueger have won four-year terms while Milhiem won a two-year seat.


Otsego Public Schools

two nonpartisan six-year terms

Rodger Gibson, incumbent, 3,871

Amy Stender, 4,170

one non-partisan partial term (expires Dec. 31, 2022)

Rebecca Gross, incumbent, 4,467


Otsego Township

Road maintenance and road improvement millage renewal, 1.5 mills, five years

yes  1,515  /  no  816


City of Plainwell

Trustee, three nonpartisan four-year terms

Stephen Bennett, 607*

Rick Brooks, incumbent, 800

Brad Keeler, incumbent, 768

Roger Keeney, incumbent, 609*

*The election night tally showed Bennett and Keeney both receiving 608 votes. They drew lots the week after the election to break the tie; Bennett was elected and was sworn into office. A recount Dec. 5 replaced those results and showed Keeney had won.


Plainwell Community Schools

four nonpartisan four-year terms

Julli Bennett, incumbent, 3,602

Amy Blades, incumbent, 3,763

Chris Keator, 2,896

David Skinner, 3,048

Shannon Zabaldo, incumbent, 3,354


Salem Township

Treasurer, partial term (expires Nov. 11, 2020)

Ashley Brower, Republican, 1,837


City of Saugatuck

four nonpartisan two-year terms

Mark Bekken, incumbent, 338

Barry E. Johnson, incumbent, 336

Ken Trester, incumbent, 335

Jane Verplank, incumbent, 306


Saugatuck Public Schools

three nonpartisan four-year terms

Nicole S. Lewis, 2,029

Eric Birkholz, 2,049

Gordon Jay Stannis, incumbent, 1,862


Saugatuck Township

Supervisor, partial term (exp. 11/20/2020)

Christopher Roerig, Republican, incumbent, 1,289


Recall: each position is a partial term (exp. 11/20/2020)


Bradley Rudich, Republican, incumbent, 817

William W. Wester Sr., Democrat, 1,113


Lori Babinski, Republican, incumbent: 875

Jon Helmrich, Democrat: 1,061


Abby Bigford, Democrat: 1,105

Roy McIlwaine, Republican, incumbent: 815


Stacey Aldrich, Democrat; 1,174

Douglas Lane, Republican, incumbent; 750


Valley Township

Trustee partial term (expires Nov. 3, 2020)

Timothy Batchelor, Republican, 632


City of Wayland

Mayor, nonpartisan two-year term

Tim Bala, incumbent: 952

Brian Sweebe: 433


Trustee, three nonpartisan two-year terms

Abe Garcia, 886

Joe Kramer, incumbent, 987

Timothy Rose, incumbent, 873


Wayland Township

Trustee, partial term (expires Nov. 20, 2020)

Matthew Miner, Republican, 1,172


Wayland Union Schools

three nonpartisan four-year terms

Janel Hott, incumbent, 4,692

Toni Ordway, incumbent, 4,614

Pete Zondervan, incumbent, 4,545


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