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Out of the Basement Office: Free bike path? Sounds good

Ryan Lewis, Editor

In my column this week, I lamented the fact that the county commissioners appear poised to turn away even the possibility of being given a portion of a free bike path. It's part of an ambitious project a volunteer group called the Friends of the Blue Star Trail has undertaken. As proposed, it would be built with grants and donations throughout the next six years or so and connect South Haven to Holland with a nearly 20-mile non-motorized, paved path.

I don't see the downside. Commissioners see it as possibly blowing up in their faces if the project isn't completed. I don't think an incomplete trail is a big deal. And why not let the group try; they even expect to raise the money to pay for annual maintenance/repair in perpetuity.

Also, my son attended school for the first time this week. It was more nerve-racking for me than him.

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