Basement Beat: Computer scam of the day

Ryan Lewis, Editor

Just thought I'd mention there's yet another computer scam making its way around.

The firm that provides IT support for Kaechele Publications Inc. (which owns The Allegan County News) told us they had seen a rash of it among their customers.

It seems to play out this way: scammers call you to say your computer is creating some kind of problem—such as downloading a bunch of junk files or sending out viruses. The fix they offer involves you allowing the scammers access to control your computer.

If you're reading that and cringing, that's a good thing.

Our IT guy, Alex, said, "Amazingly, two of three customers that have received such a call have let people on their computer remotely!"

He told us one had lost $100 in the scam. Worse, he said, their computer runs the risk of being infected with a virus or software that will allow the scammers to steal more.

"Apparently this is an old scam... it goes back to 2008, yet it appears that the scam is going strong," Alex said.

He pointed us in the direction of several useful links: (The Daily Kos one is hilarious)

Anyway, it should go without saying you shouldn't allow a stranger access to control your computer on the spur of the moment, but, well, clearly, it needs to be said.

From Daily Kos: "The most important thing to remember is that not one American, Canadian, or British computer company makes unsolicited phone calls.

If something is broken with your computer, they expect you to call them. They will not call you."


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