Edward Stanley Drew

Edward Stanley Drew, “Dr. Drew” was a well-respected and greatly loved man. Anytime he walked into a room he had a smile and something to talk about. Drew spoke to everyone like he had known them for years, and made them feel welcome no matter the time or place.
He grew up in Dearborn, and graduated from from Dearborn Divine Child High School. Drew excelled in sports and was part of the 1961 Dearborn Divine Child state championship team. He was All State in football and All City in basketball in 1960 and 1961. Drew continued his football career with a scholarship to the University of Detroit and received a try-out from the Dallas Cowboys as a punter. During his football career Drew played running back, punter, and strong side linebacker.
Drew was not only a great athlete but was also highly educated, receiving multiple degrees. He began his education at the University of Detroit and Wayne State University, earning degrees in chemistry and biology. He then taught middle school in the inner city of Detroit for several years, then continued his schooling for a master’s degree in curriculum development, which he received from Michigan State University.
He developed an interdisciplinary ecology curriculum for the Lakeview Public Schools in Battle Creek. Drew would later add a master’s in school administration from the University of Iowa. Drew concluded his degrees with a PhD in psychology from San Francisco University and the University of Iowa, and forever after that was known as “Dr. Drew.”
Through his educational career of 36 years, as a teacher and school psychologist, he touched many lives.
Edward had 45 years with his beloved wife Pamela, whom he met at Wayne State University. Their love was more than just Pamela and Edward. It was “us.” They had a special something only they could create together. Their love was sharing their deepest thoughts, confiding in and trusting each other completely. Their love brought out the best in both of them. Their love knew the joy of being together, of living for each other, and sharing the happiness. They shared a love of nature, gardens, animals, music, the ocean and sports together for 45 years. They traveled extensively in England, Scotland and nearly every state in the United States.
Friends like Edward were hard to find. In a lifetime there are only a few like him. You always know them by sight and heart alone. When you find people like Drew you always grow a little bit taller in your soul. As the years come and as the years go by you have been blessed just to know them. We are blessed to have and know a friend like Edward.
Pamela and Drew loved their AKC miniature schnauzers, a total of nine, very much, and they devoted all of their spare time to loving them and caring for them.  The dogs have changed names over the years, but the love Pamela and Drew showed them never changed.
Drew loved his Michigan home, set amid the rigid old pines, situated as if to stand guard over him and his castle. His home could provide a cozy little place for one to rest but also a stage in which to entertain many a guest. It was clear that Drew loved the nature that the windows helped frame, and all the animals inside and out he had given a name. It was home alright, whether day or night, and the special place where he would be called home… It was Drew’s home. (Dave Hulst)
Drew loved “The Lion King.” No matter how many times he saw it, he never tired of the pageantry, the puppetry and the music. More than anything, he loved being an expert on the many intricacies of the show. He and Pamela saw their dear friend, Russell Joel Brown, in “The Lion King” in more than 12 cities across North America, most recently in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). (Russell Joel Brown)
Drew was a wonderful friend. It was very difficult not to love the man. Some people’s lives are like a pebble being thrown into a pond. They leave ripples that spread out far and wide. Drew, when he came into your life, was like a cannon ball dropped into a puddle. He made a huge splash and your life would never be the same. He helped people, he loved people and he was always ready to talk about anything. He was a mentor, a teacher and someone who, when you got to know him, was just like family. The world is better for having him, and those of us who have known him are better for it. This was our friend, Drew. (Jerod Rinkus)
Edward enjoyed blue in so many ways of the sky, ocean, lakes, and rivers. At our Florida home we enjoyed the porch that was on the clear blue lake. We would go 10 minutes to the ocean with the crashing thunder of the blue waves. We enjoyed the vast and beautiful Lake Michigan and all the other great lakes. The wonder of the blue sky so clear in Florida and with the white clouds in Michigan and the other places we have lived in the Midwest. Blue was Edward’s and his son’s Brandon’s favorite color.
Drew loved Scotland and all things Scottish. His favorite Celtic blessing was this: “May the road rise to meet you; May the wind be always at your back; May the sun shine warm upon your face; The rains fall soft upon your fields; And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.”
His name, Edward, comes from the Old English word meaning “property guardian.” People with this name are often described as dynamos of emotion, often trusted friends with high personal integrity.  They have natural business sense and a large network of friends and acquaintances.
He was a caring and loving father to his son Brandon Austin Edward Drew. Drew shared his love of sports and learning with his son every chance he could.  Brandon, like his father, holds multiple degrees.  He has a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Social Studies Teaching, MA in Social Work and an MS in School Counseling. Drew was always proud of his son and his all his accomplishments. His is married to his loving wife, April, and they have a daughter Isabel. (Brandon Drew)
He made a lasting impact on many lives and his memory lives in the hearts of all those he came into contact with.  
Prayer for Drew’s ‘Celebration of Life.’
Heavenly Father, we gather here today to celebrate the life of Dr. Edward Drew, a man who used his God-given gifts and talents throughout his lifetime to bless the lives of other humans and creatures on this planet.
We pray for Pamela, spouse, friend and companion of 45 years. May she draw comfort from the knowledge that she and Drew celebrated the blessings of each new day together, relishing the sights and sounds around them in a way that was an example to us all. We pray too for family and friends, and all whose lives were touched by this remarkable man. May this be an opportunity to honor Drew’s memory in our support and care for each other.
We shall miss the earthly presence of Drew, his intelligence, wit, wisdom, kindness, love—and we pray today, God, that you surround him with your divine love and tenderness as you guide him towards the Light.
May he be in a place of eternal joy, blessedness and peace, where divisions do not exist and only the delight of playfulness and exuberance permeate… where, in the words of poet David Bell about Drew’s favorite creature, the Otter—“We neither reap nor sow, we simply need to be, the joyous creatures we are, embraced in and embracing, the circle of life, amen.


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