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Enjoy these Berry Impressive Recipes
Janet Tharpe

Fresh berries are back in season and I couldn't be happier! My green thumb could use some help. So, on weekends, I go to my local farmer's market and stock up on the juiciest ones I can find.  

I freeze some so I have them on hand when berries aren't in season. But it never fails ... I always buy TOO many. You'd think that I would learn! That's why, especially during the summer, I love to incorporate berries into my cooking. 

James Bowling was overrun with lots of raspberries. What was his solution? He made a Blue Ribbon Raspberry Pie. The sweet and tart flavors are perfectly balanced in this tasty pie. Using a pre-made pie crust is a great time saving trick (and your guests never need to know!). All that's missing from this pie is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Your taste buds are going to be sent into overdrive after you bite into how Terrie Hoelscher infuses blueberries into her Rhuberry Pie. "This is a delicious blend of two of my favorite summer things - blueberries and rhubarb," says Terrie. The tartness of the rhubarb is perfectly offset by the delicate sweetness of the blueberries in this unique pie. And the crust makes this almost too pretty to cut ... almost! 

The next time you're having friends over for brunch, add Cheryl Mills' Berry Cream Cheese Danish to your menu. This is THE way to start your day. The cream cheese and berries are such a wonderful combo. And, this definitely makes enough to feed a crowd. Cheryl "created this recipe [by] using a combination of recipes." Try your own fruit combination too and see what you come up with. 

Melissa Snow's Three Sisters Pie is summertime on a plate! "This berry has my favorite berries in it, so I knew it would be good," says Melissa Snow. We too fell in love with the mix of berries in her Three Sisters Pie recipe - strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I bet your berry-loving friends will be asking for a slice to go. 

"This dessert is a hit with everyone," says Donna Morgan. "[A] great summer dessert." Sweet, fresh and satisfying, Donna's Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie is a terrific blending of light summer berries and creamy cream cheese. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and maybe for a snack too! 

Smoothies are a great, easy way to use up extra berries. Catherine Cappiello Pappas' Refreshing Strawberry Frosty is such a thirst-quenching treat. Perfect for breakfast or to cool down on a hot summer afternoon. 

And, don't let the avocado in Melissa Baldan's Avocado Strawberry Smoothie scare you away from trying this recipe. This smoothie has such a fresh taste. It's a delicious way to start the day. 

You can use your abundance of fresh raspberries and make jars of Ann McCue's Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly. This has some serious heat, but we thoroughly enjoyed every bite. "It's a great grab-and-go last minute appetizer or hostess gift," says Ann. We served it with cream cheese and crackers, but can't wait to try it on grilled chicken! 

This weekend, I suggest putting berry picking or a trip to the farmers market on your to-do list and whip-up one of these delicious recipes. Your friends will be "berry" thankful!  


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