(from left) Jim Storey and Kenneth Whitcomb

Allegan County Commission District 2: Storey, Whitcomb

Nov. 6, 2018, general election

District 2 includes the Allegan County portion of the City of Holland plus Fillmore, Heath and Overisel townships.

This is a two-year term.


Jim Storey



Storey and his wife, Diane, have lived in Holland since 1996. He has two children and two stepchildren. He was educated at The University of Michigan and has taken post college courses at Columbia University, University of Nevada, and Boston University. Storey is self-employed as a consultant to the hospitality industry. He has served on the Allegan County Mental Health Services Board, Allegan County Community Agency Board, Allegan County Economic Development Commission; Macatawa Area Coordinating Council; Holland Civic Center Place Board and the Michigan Association of Counties Board.

“My goals are to improve job and economic opportunity for county residents and plan future infrastructure needs such as broadband, water, and sewer systems.

“I also seek to be a bridge among the disparate geographic and issue interests of Allegan County.

“Finally, I my goal is to spend county taxpayers’ money wisely and frugally and to develop teamwork among county offices.”


Kenneth Whitcomb


Whitcomb is a Hamilton Community Schools and Hope College graduate and did graduate work at Ferris. He and his wife Glynis have two daughters, Cambria and Kelsey.

“Living in the same place for all but four years of my life, I’ve never run for public office. Now is the time to take my turn serving.

“Growing up in the village of Overisel was such a great experience that we decided it would be the ideal location to raise our daughters.

“Teaching at Byron Center High School taught me about the value of community colleges. Lacking our own or an agreement with one nearby, Allegan County residents pay higher tuition to attend one than if they lived in another county. This higher cost is keeping too many of our citizens from completing a degree or certificate program that would allow them to begin their career, advance in the workplace, or prepare for career changes.

“By finding ways to lower the cost of tuition for Allegan County residents, I intend to improve opportunities and wages for our workers and make Allegan County more attractive for employers to locate or expand their businesses. A skilled workforce is one of the best things the county can provide for its citizens and employers.

“In my own I.T. consulting business, I’ve seen how internet access has changed from a luxury to a utility. Just as businesses and homes can’t function without electrical service today, the same is true of internet service.

“Since commercial providers have not delivered services throughout the county, it’s time for Allegan County to take the lead in developing a plan to provide access to all.

“In addition to my two priorities, fiscally sound operations and a transparent government that engages with and responds to its citizens are what I want—and pledge—to deliver.


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